Going from the green and tropical Tahiti (especially the island of Moorea where everything shuts at midday) to the huge city of Los Angeles has been quite a shock. There aren’t really two places I’ve been that are more polar opposites.

The journey to get here was an absolute killer, after waking up in Moorea two days ago we’ve taken a ferry, two buses, a taxi, a plane and an underground subway to get to the hostel in LA. This combined with the fact that I managed to sleep about half an hour on the overnight flight meant that I slept almost 12 hours last night…

We spent the first afternoon that we got here wandering around Hollywood Blvd. Very crazy place, but at the same time it’s very interesting, all sorts of people here. Could do without the mobs of people yelling about Jesus and the end of the world, but hey you can’t have everything.


On our second day in LA we went for a walk up to the Hollywood sign, was an overcast day which is just as well since we ended up doing a lot of walking today.


After that we went for walked to Griffith Observatory (this being the aforementioned long walk). The observatory itself was awesome though, some cool exhibits and a show in the planetarium called ‘Centered in the Universe’ which we turned up just in time to see.


We then spent the rest of the afternoon making our way back to the hostel. It took quite a while since we were constantly being sidetracked by American supermarkets. I found a Twinky (or Twinkie?) …

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