I’m not sure if it’s just because we came from LA, but Seattle seems like quite a relaxed city. It’s still a big place and there are still a lot of people downtown, but the combination of the weather and the slower pace we decided to set means that Seattle has felt a lot calmer.


The accommodation we are staying at is an AirBnb out in the suburb of Greenlake. About a 15 minute bus ride into the city, its a basement suite in an old house. It’s quite nice to be staying here, we went shopping for breakfast food down at the local grocery store, and it’s a nice 5 minute walk through the suburbs each morning to the bus stop (We’ve seen squirrels while walking each morning!). Feels almost like we are living here, rather than staying in a hostel and rushing around every day to do all the stuff we want to do. Might be a good idea to try it some AirBnb places throughout Europe.

I caught a cold in LA, which was just getting worse each day since we were often away from the hostel sightseeing and doing stuff. So the first afternoon in Seattle (we arrived at midday) was spent just chilling out watching movies. Then the next day we didn’t head downtown until after lunch and just wandered around doing a bit of shopping. Later in the afternoon we made like locals and grabbed a coffee hung out in a Starbucks, it seems Starbucks is part of the standard Seattle diet and day. With over 150 shops just in the downtown area, it really isn’t an exaggeration to say that there is one on almost every block.


The rainy weather hasn’t stopped us from doing anything though, and we’ve spent a few days hanging around downtown. We bought the Seattle City Pass which let us go to the Aquarium and on a Harbor Tour. Both were interesting and informative, the sea otters at the Aquarium were huge and we managed to catch the giant pacific octopus feeding while we were there. We saw our first ever squirrel while walking to the bus as well, very exciting!

My favorite area of Seattle so fast has been around the Pike Place Market, which is a farmers market down by the waterfront that had been running continuously without closing since 1907. I could walk around this market every day for weeks trying out different things, there was so much that I wanted to try. We had breakfast at a place called Biscuit Bitch, a funny little cafe that makes American biscuits (Like a bread/pastry thing) and serve them with combinations of bacon, eggs, gravy and cheese. I ordered the ‘Gritty Scrambled Cheesy Bitch’ which was absolutely delicious.

Another highlight from my day at the market include a beef and onion piroshky from a Russian bakery called Piroshky Piroshky. Basically a good old mince pie, but with some of the most flavorful beef mince I’ve ever had. For dinner we walked down the Pier to a popular place called Ivar’s Seafood Bar which is known for their fish and chips. The Northern Cod was good, but the real surprise for me came in the form of the side dish we got with it. The clam chowder is another popular dish in Seattle, and I can see why. Really nice flavor to it and it’s the perfect meal after coming inside from a cold and wet day in the rain.

Overall I quite like Seattle, sure the weather might get on my nerves if I lived here but it’s still a place with a nice feeling. The suburb we are staying in has cherry blossom trees lining the streets and feels like a small quiet town even though it’s just out of downtown. The people here are really friendly as well, looking forward to the last two days in Seattle.