Well first two full days in London down, a busy and big city. The London underground had been incredibly easy to figure out and use, can’t imagine trying to get anywhere in this city without it. Have done a couple of the big tourist things so far, looking forward to exploring around more and seeing the Westminster area tomorrow

Yesterday I took the tube down to Ealing where I went to my first ever English football match. The match was played at Griffin Park where Brentford FC were hosting Blackburn Rovers. Ever since I bought the ticket Brentford have been in horrible form, and they continued that run on that game. They ended up losing 1-0 even after Blackburn had a man sent off, they were pretty woeful. But overall I enjoyed experiencing a Championship match first hand, the amount of insults which English fans throw at the referee and opposing players is amazing. The chants and the atmosphere at the stadium were a few other things I enjoyed, as well as my typical English football stadium lunch of a cornish pasty and chips.

This morning the sun was actually shining here in London, so we headed to Hyde Park. It’s a pretty huge park and there seemed to be quite a few people around running, biking and even a few rollerblading. It was a nice stroll along the lakeside (called The Serpentine) where lots of people stopped to feed the birds and swans. We stopped for a while to watch a Eurasian Coot diving under the water for sticks, which it then dragged over to the shoreline. I presume it was gathering them for a nest (rather than just cleaning the lake) but perhaps someone can correct me on that?

The rest of the afternoon was spent at the Natural History Museum, a huge collection of different exhibits relating to the natural history of Earth. We ended up staying in there for about two and a half hours, but it really would be possible to spend all day there. One of my favorite parts was the dinosaurs area, in particular (Pretty unsurprisingly) the T-Rex which moves around and roars. Other cool things to see was the scale model of a blue whale (just ridiculously enormous) and the skeleton of an extinct giant sloth. The Vault was also worth seeing, amazing jewels and gems with interesting stories behind them.

On the way back to the hostel we stopped in at the Harrods Department Store. It had been a pretty long day already and we were tired so didn’t stay for that long. I wandered around the candy and chocolate areas a bit too much, everything looked delicious (and expensive). Had a look through the Disney Store as well, they had all the new Star Wars toys and merchandise. Would have been very tempting if I didn’t have to fit everything into an already pretty full backpack.