On my way from Ghent to Rotterdam I would have to change trains in Antwerp. Since the Antwerp Zoo is literally right next door to the Centraal Station I decided to spend the day there before carrying on to Rotterdam later in the afternoon.

The station itself is really worth seeing, three whole levels and trains arrive and depart from each of them. Awesome architecture both inside and outside, unfortunately a pretty big part of the station was cordoned off due to security reasons so I wasn’t able to lock my bag up there. Luckily the zoo had lockers which I could store my big bag in while I explored the zoo.

The Antwerp Zoo is the biggest one in Belgium and one of the oldest ones in Europe. Although it was undergoing some pretty major construction while I was there but most of it was still open. Would be cool to see it once it’s all finished. There was a wide range of animals and areas, I’ll talk about some of my favorite ones below.

The butterfly garden is a while enclosed area with a path running through it, the butterflies fly all around and right up to you, there are some very pretty ones but they are hard to get a good photo of with my Gopro. I managed to get there in time for the penguin feeding which was cool to see, by the crowds reactions I think the lady have a good talk (it was all in Dutch). Just as I arrived at the elephants enclosure they were starting to have a bit of a scrap, really staggering just how much weight and strength these animals have, each time they clashed together you could feel the thud.

The emperor penguin area is well designed so the penguins can show off as much as they want. One penguin in particular would leap out of the water as he swam from end to end continuously. The okapi were in the middle of a race when I took the photo below, pretty fast things.

Overall I enjoyed my day at the zoo, there were lots of animals that I’ve never seen before in the zoos that I’ve been to. The okapi, komodo dragon, pangolin and the various small prime apes are ones that stick out in my memory.