First stop off in the the Netherlands, Rotterdam. A city chock full of modern looking architecture and funny looking ‘art’. While there may be some cool buildings to look at and a few interesting museums worth checking out, I didn’t find this city to be particularly to my taste.

The defining features of Rotterdam to me are the crazy looking buildings and bridges which are scattered throughout the city. It’s a good city to come to if you are interested in architecture, around every corner there seems to be an even stranger looking building.

The Markthall is definitely worth a visit though, I’m starting to sense a pattern here. I love going to the big markets and wandering around looking at and sampling all the local food that’s being sold. Again, the architecture of this building is astounding, it’s basically a huge half cylinder with glass ends and offices lining the sides. The entire ground floor is covered in food stands selling all sorts of produce, while underground there are multiple levels with wine stores, supermarkets and even a car dealership.

It just so happened that I was visiting the Markthall around lunch time, and after half an hour of walking through the food stalls my stomach was well and truly rumbling. I got a cone of fries from Bram Ladage (a popular franchise here) , and I’m sorry Belgium but I think I preferred these ones. I liked the thick cut better than the shoestring ones you get in Belgium and the fritesauss had a really nice flavour. To follow them up I tried a Dutch stroopwafel, which is basically a thin pancake/waffle sliced in half then filled with a toffee mixture, yum!

I also visited a huge miniature train and model setup called Mini World Rotterdam which I really enjoyed. I don’t know the full details of the size (the website is in Dutch) but it covers a huge building and took me about an hour and a half to go through. The detail put into the scenes is amazing, I spent so much time just looking for small little cameos and stories being told. I found a few cool little things like Bert and Ernie, a lightsaber battle and superman. It was cool seeing the buildings I’d just been walking around the day before recreated in this scale.