Hmm alright how to describe Amsterdam. It’s a beautiful city really, with the endless crisscrossing canals, multitudes of bridges and tall skinny buildings. There is a very free kind of feel to everyone here, where half of the people are tourists coming here to party and the other half are residents that by the look of it are pretty relaxed as well.

I’ve been doing a lot of walking here, since my hostel is a bit out of the central area I’ve had a 40 minute walk into town which I sometimes do a couple of times a day. But apart from my sore feet it’s been a fun time, there are heaps of museums to check out all over the city. Wandering through the canals around the central area is as fun as ever, although a bit busier here than in the other cities.

Photography isn’t permitted in the Vincent Van Gogh Museum so no photos from there. But I spent a couple of hours going through there looking at his art and learning about his life. The audio tour is very well done and helps to tell the stories behind certain paintings and parts of Van Gogh’s life.

The Rijksmuseum is a huge building filled with an impressive collection of art and historical artifacts. There is just so much to see there that even my 3 hour visit wasn’t enough, although that’s also because I spent a fair chunk of time getting lost or waiting for the audio clips to load in their app. The Rijksmuseum official app is frankly very badly made, I’m pretty sure it streams all of the audio so if the museum is busy it can take several minutes to load each description. Plus it actually closes every time your phone screen goes to sleep and your lose your place in the tour. Apart from all that it was actually pretty informative and gave some context to the collection I was looking at. I enjoyed looking through the armoury in the Special Collections area, lots of antique guns and swords all displayed throughout several big rooms.

After going on another Sandemans Walking Tour through the central town, myself and a few other solo travelers visited the Brouwerij ‘t IJ. A small brewery and bar run out of an old windmill on the east side of the city. The tasting tray was a good way of trying a few different of their beers, there was quite a nice lemon and cardamom one which I liked.

The city is even more beautiful as the sun sets and the lights are turned on. It’s a strange and funny experience to walk through the red light district when it’s in full swing. As with most other places in the Netherlands I’ve visited on this trip, the lure of illuminated bridges and canals were what kept me out until late at night. It’s so much fun to just wander through the streets taking in the scenery.

While the Netherlands doesn’t really have a cuisine entirely it’s own, I’ve still enjoyed the food that I’ve been having here. Food in Amsterdam is more expensive here than other places around the country, so to be honest most nights have been a box of stir fry from one of the many ‘Wok to Walk’ stores around. I had a really nice burger from Burger Bar, where the price depends on what meat, cheese and toppings you pick. After being wet and frozen during the walking tour we went to a pub and got the stamppot dish. Which is basically a potato and carrot mash with a gravy crater and sausage, perfect way to warm up. For lunch on my final day I had an omelette from Omelegg, they have heaps of different choices but I got the Greek Wedding which has sun-dried tomatoes, feta cheese and caramelized onion.