I’ve spent 6 days here in Barcelona, it’s raining for the first time since I got here and I’ve done more stuff since I put up my last blog post. So might as well put another post up while I sit in this little cafe in the Gothic Quarter.

Yesterday I spent the whole day up in the area up around Montjuic, a hill just to the southwest of the central area and right on the port. It is possible to walk or take a bus up to the top, but instead I opted to take the 750 meter long cable car ride from next to Barceloneta Beach. Luckily for me the wind picked up as soon as I got to the top of the starting tower, so it was quite a ride to start off with until it smoothed out in the middle. The views were really cool though, passing over the harbour as ships go in and out. Once at the end of the trip you can either walk or take a smaller cable car up to the Montjuic Castle, I decided to walk this one.

The castle situated at the top of the hill overlooking the city and the sea is impressive, although it was undergoing some major construction projects while I was there and big parts were fenced off. The structure that stands there today is mostly from 1751 when the original building was demolished and rebuilt to improve the defensive capabilities of the fortress. It takes less than an hour to walk through the whole thing, but for only €3 it’s well worth it even just for the views.

The rest of the day I spent walking through the many parks which are situated all over the Montjuic hill, some really neat places there. Although due to a lack of planning on my part I found myself very hungry and unable to find any places to eat, so I had to come down off the hill earlier than I would have liked. I thought about going back up to see the botanical gardens after my 5pm lunch but my feet didn’t like that idea for some reason.

Some of my other favorite things I’ve done in Barcelona would have to be the Tapas Experience with the Sandemans tour company, and probably even more so the live music which Eric took us to afterwards. I also loved being able to just walk out each night and find any random bar to grab a beer and watch football in, much better than having to get up first thing in the morning like if I was in New Zealand.

Having a rest day today to recover some energy and feeling in my legs, been doing a lot of walking every day here in Barcelona. I can imagine that I’ll be doing pretty much the same in Rome so a day without much walking sounds like a good idea. Plus the schedule here is starting to take its toll on me, don’t think I’ve been in bed before 2am since I got to Barcelona. I don’t think the Spanish actually sleep.

Few more photos from around the city below.