Not going to be a very long post as I spent most of my time in Venice sick in bed, but I’ll put a few thoughts and some photos below.

In order to get from my hostel in Biassa to my hostel in Venice I had to take a bus, four trains and a water bus. I wasn’t feeling great at the start of the day and by the time I checked in that night I was well and truly shattered, I went straight to bed at around 7pm and didn’t wake up until almost 10 the next morning. The cold (or whatever I caught) in Florence had come back worse than before and I spent the whole of the next day in bed.

The next morning I caught a water bus across to the main island of Venice to at least see some of the city before I left. After spending a couple of hours sorting out my bus for tomorrow it was already after 12, so I only really got to spend half a day properly in Venice. I can say this with a certainty though, it is possible to get completely lost several times in just half a day. I’d heard that Venice is a confusing city from many people so I was somewhat prepared, but still, the endless little side streets and canals make it seemingly impossible to actually find your way anywhere in a hurry.

I spent the afternoon wandering through the city checking out the main sites and taking many breaks when my lack of energy got the better of me. Not really too much else to say about Venice considering my lack of real time here, going to have to come back again sometime to truly experience it.