Prague is definitely up there on my list of favorite places of this trip, been a really awesome four days here. Everything from the mix of architectural styles, the people I’ve met, the food, the cool bars and just the great feeling of the city has made Prague a place that I absolutely must come back to on another trip.

One of the most famous bridges in Europe and probably the defining image of Prague, Charles Bridge was built 600 years ago and is over 500 meters long. During the day it’s quite cool to see, the statues along the walls and the views from each side although the masses of crowds can make it somewhat less fun to walk across. But walking along the bridge in the early hours of the morning is an entirely different story, the whole thing is almost empty and with the Prague Castle lit up in the distance it’s really something I recommend doing.

I went up to the Prague Castle a couple of times while I was here, it’s a biggest castle complex in the world and really feels like it, it’s basically a small town. I’ve written about the Cathedral in the paragraph below, but apart from that the castle district contains several cool looking buildings and fountains. Unfortunately the night that I was down in Old Town when it was dark, the castle wasn’t lit up so I didn’t manage to get a picture of that. I did see the illuminated castle one night from up on a hill out of the city and it looked really neat, my gopro didn’t quite have the capability to get a good photo from that far away though.

The St Vitus Cathedral in the middle of the castle complex is undeniably the standout feature of the castle district. I like the Gothic architectural style and this is probably one of the most intricate ones that I’ve seen. The whole thing is covered in spires, golden patterns and intricate detailing, really one of these buildings that you can sit and look at for ages and still notice new things. Inside the Cathedral is just as impressive, most walls have extremely complex stained glass windows which draw the eye. But by far the best thing about the Cathedral is the view from the top of the southern tower. From the top you can see the whole castle district, the entire city of Prague as well as all the surrounding areas, it really is an awesome view. I also loved being able to more closely look at the Gothic spires while I was up there, and the clock mechanism is out in that open so you can watch that tick along.

Next to the Prague Castle are the Royal Gardens, which I wandered through one afternoon. Maybe it was just the time of the year I was there, but they weren’t anything special really. A lot of the flowers weren’t in bloom and quite a few gardens are being dug up, but the view of the castle and the city was pretty good.

Walking back to the hostel one day I stumbled upon the Lego Museum, so decided to wander inside and have a look. The store at the front is huge and contains huge walls fully packed with awesome looking kits, I decided to pay to go into the actually museum/gallery area. The museum is made up of many rooms filled with glass cabinets of all the various types of Lego that have been available over the years. I really enjoyed looking at all the different product ranges, especially the incredible collection of Star Wars models. I loved that scattered around the museum there are tables filled with random Lego bits so you can just sit down and build stuff yourself, I may have killed about an hour doing that.

The food and drink here is amazingly cheap and still good, couldn’t quite believe it when I was ordering 0.5 litres of decent beer for the equivalent of $1.50 NZD. I don’t think I paid over $10 for a meal here either, and that included some pretty nice and filling ones. After really enjoying my Trdelnik in Cesky Krumlov a few days ago I had to try one here as well, it wasn’t as nice as the last one (since they aren’t made fresh to order) but with the strawberries and cream inside it I still enjoyed it very much.

One night I walked down the road from the hostel to an basement bar/restaurant which had been used to be an old medieval tavern. The whole place had been done up to look and feel just like you were sitting in a tavern hundreds of years ago, very cool. Everything from the medieval music, the ceramic plates and cups, the dim lighting and the traditional Czech meals on offer worked together brilliantly.

I also went to a farmers market on Saturday down by the river, it was very busy and a beautiful day for it. After walking through the whole thing I ended up grabbing a bowl of potatoes with sausages and a cider, then sitting on the rivers edge relaxing and listening to the live music being played.

Because I’ve done and seen so much during my time in Prague I’ll use the rest of this post to quickly cover some of my favorite experiences that come to mind right now.

The Lennon Wall is a place which I went to a couple of times, basically a wall covered in spray painted messages about love, peace and many other topics (I did see a pretty big ‘fuck trump’ on there). I spent a fair amount of time standing there reading all the messages while a guitarist played, it’s a place with a nice feeling about it.

I found a beer garden not too far from my hostel which I visited a couple of times to drink beer in the sun and watch ice hockey. I was hanging out with a couple of Canadians during that day and they were very happy to watch their team beat Sweden in the quarter final. Then I ended up back there last night to watch the semi final where I met an ice hockey team from Germany whom I drank and watched to game with. This beer garden is such a cool place, cheap beer and sausages and hundreds of people all enjoying the afternoon/night while watching sport and hanging out with friends.