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Bit more from Barcelona

I’ve spent 6 days here in Barcelona, it’s raining for the first time since I got here and I’ve done more stuff since I put up my last blog post. So might as well put another post up while I sit in this little cafe in the Gothic Quarter.
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Barcelona, something for everyone

All through my trip so far, most people I’ve met have told me that I had to go to Barcelona. I can absolutely see why I kept hearing that no matter who I talked to, it’s a great city with something for everyone. Beautiful weather, lots of interesting architecture including the Sagrada Familia, nice beaches, great nightlife and tonnes of shops and places to eat.
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Sunny Valencia

After travelling through cloudy Northern Europe for the last few weeks (plus a rainy few days in Madrid), I was hoping that I’d finally get some good weather here. Valencia has delivered that in spades, beautiful sunny days for all three days I was here. First time since Los Angeles that I haven’t had to put a thermal on in the morning.
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Hala Madrid!

Madrid is a pretty lively city, feels like a big business kind of place but it has a lot of energy to it, especially later on in the evening where most other cities would be winding down. The eating schedule of Spain took a bit of time to get used to (lunch at 2/3pm and dinner around 9/10pm), but eventually I found myself adjusting and wasn’t really hungry until around those times. It does help that it doesn’t get dark until at least 8:30 so it still feels life it’s the afternoon until later in the evening. I could definitely get used to the siestas though, having a nap in the middle of a work day? Sign me up!
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