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Work and Play in Vegas

Well I hadn’t planning on traveling again this year, but I ended up attending a conference called Senchacon 2016 in Las Vegas for my work at MagiQ Software. Definitely a place that I wasn’t planning on visiting anytime soon, but I ended up really enjoying my time there. The city is certifiably crazy but has a very unique atmosphere, and I learnt a lot from my time at the conference. Continue reading “Work and Play in Vegas”


History in Seattle

Flight to Iceland has been delayed, had to sit and wait at the gate for about 5 hours. So I made some productive use of that time by writing this wrote this blog post.
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Seattle, the aptly named ‘Rainy City’

I’m not sure if it’s just because we came from LA, but Seattle seems like quite a relaxed city. It’s still a big place and there are still a lot of people downtown, but the combination of the weather and the slower pace we decided to set means that Seattle has felt a lot calmer.
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Big LA Post!

Phew, its time in LA had been hectic and pretty nonstop, planning rest day at some point when we reach Seattle. This is gonna be quite a long post. Had some busy days lately so will try to cover some of the stuff we’ve done.
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LA is Nuts

Going from the green and tropical Tahiti (especially the island of Moorea where everything shuts at midday) to the huge city of Los Angeles has been quite a shock. There aren’t really two places I’ve been that are more polar opposites.
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