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The Golden Circle

I’ve put off doing this post for a little while, because I really don’t have the words or pictures to properly describe this country. The experience of seeing Gullfoss is not something I will ever forget, one of the most breathtaking things I’ve ever seen.

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Vikings and Elves in Reykjavik

Well after another overnight flight with no sleep (did get some gorgeous views over Greenland) we are finally in Iceland. Picked up the rental car and eventually managed to drive to the Aurora Guesthouse where we are staying. First time driving in the right side of the road? Check. Minimal road markings and Icelandic drivers who haven’t heard of indicators? Check. Roads that either aren’t signposted or are signposted with names like Kaplaskj√≥lsvegur or Vatnsm√Ĺrarvegur? Check.


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