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Hmm alright how to describe Amsterdam. It’s a beautiful city really, with the endless crisscrossing canals, multitudes of bridges and tall skinny buildings. There is a very free kind of feel to everyone here, where half of the people are tourists coming here to party and the other half are residents that by the look of it are pretty relaxed as well.

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More canals in Utrecht

Wow Utrecht is another beautiful city, it’s full of old buildings and has a big canal called Oudegracht running right through the center of town. I think there are more bicycles here than people as well, seems like the way to get around the Netherlands in general.
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Den Haag (The Hague)

I’ve really enjoyed enjoyed my time in The Hague, it has a lot of cool places to see and things to do. It has a few different areas and they all feel very different from one another, the historical area looks and feels completely different and they are both unlike the beach which isn’t too far away.
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Funny Architecture in Rotterdam

First stop off in the the Netherlands, Rotterdam. A city chock full of modern looking architecture and funny looking ‘art’. While there may be some cool buildings to look at and a few interesting museums worth checking out, I didn’t find this city to be particularly to my taste.
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