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PAX & Melbourne Video


Extra Time in Melbourne

Seeing as I was already making the trip over to Melbourne for a holiday, it was suggested that I stay a bit longer and work from the office my company has over there. I figured it was a good opportunity to meet some of our Australian counterparts as well as see a bit more of the city without having to take more time off work.

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Post-PAX in Melbourne

After PAX had finished up and our feet were sore and we all felt pretty exhausted, but we wanted to make the most of the free day we all had together before everyone else left and I stayed around. Plus that free day also happened to be my birthday, so I couldn’t exactly just sit around and do nothing.

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I’ve been wanting to come to Melbourne for a while now, so when tickets to the Penny Arcade Expo¬†Australia (PAX AUS) went on sale earlier in the year it seemed like a good enough excuse to organize a weekend away with a group of friends.

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Homeward Bound in Hong Kong

Well my last stop of this trip is now done, I’m waiting in Hong Kong airport for my flight back to New Zealand. I’ve spent most of my time here exploring the city, eating delicious food and hiding from the sun inside mercifully air conditioned shops. It’s a busy city in most places, but it’s not without little areas scattered throughout in which you can escape the hustle and bustle of the streets.
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