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Working off that Easter Chocolate

For the long weekend I took a trip down to Wellington with Mum and Dad to see my brother, didn’t turn out to be a relaxing break from work at all. But we got lucky with the weather (especially┬áconsidering this was the day after Cyclone Cook flew through the country).

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Mt Ngauruhoe Video

And here is the video from climbing Mt Ngauruhoe:


Also available on Youtube:

One Does Not Simply Walk into Mordor

Boromir was only half right, one does in fact walk into Mordor, but there is nothing simple about it.

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Rotorua Canopy Tour

Just a small write up about the trip up to Rotorua I took with my family over New Years…

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Work and Play in Vegas

Well I hadn’t planning on traveling again this year, but I ended up attending a conference called Senchacon 2016 in Las Vegas for my work at MagiQ Software. Definitely a place that I wasn’t planning on visiting anytime soon, but I ended up really enjoying my time there. The city is certifiably crazy but has a very unique atmosphere, and I learnt a lot from my time at the conference. Continue reading “Work and Play in Vegas”

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