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Singapore – A mix of Technology and Nature

Singapore has only been an independent nation for about 50 years, and in a few ways it feels like it. It doesn’t seem to have an identity of it’s own yet, it’s a melting pot for other cultures. But it’s home to some amazing engineering marvels, and feels like a really modern city.

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Chiang Mai – A Temple Around Every Corner

Up in the north of Thailand there’s a city called Chiang Mai, the name literally means “New City” but it feels like anything but new. The ancient walls which surrounds the old city gives the initial impression that there is a lot of history here. And walking down the streets past temple after temple definitely gives the city a unique feel. I really loved my time in Chiang Mai, it’s quieter and easier to get around. The food is amazing and the place has a kind of laid back feel while still having the chaotic nature that I associate with Thailand.

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Bangkok – An Assault on the Senses

Bangkok, it’s such a crazy and overwhelming city, but I love it. Stepping off the train into the bustle of downtown your every sense is assaulted. The lights are bright and numerous, the sounds are loud and constant, the smells are both amazing and terrible, the oppressive heat saps you of energy and sends you searching for air conditioning. And as intense as this city is, there’s something addictive about it. Seeing how different life is, feeling overwhelmed and then gaining understanding of how things work, that’s travel in a nutshell. And Bangkok is a super condensed epitome of that idea.

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Gotta go Fast – The 2019 Melbourne Grand Prix

I’ve been informed that it’s been too long since my last blog post, I was already planning on writing about my experience at the Melbourne Grand Prix a couple of weekends ago, so I figured it gives me a good chance to write something. So here we go.

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First Few Weeks in Melbourne

So, I’ve been living in Melbourne for a few weeks now (that still feels weird to say, but it’s sunk in a lot more since I’ve started working). I had a week off before I started work and I’ve explored a bit during my weekends, so I figured I’d make a quick post with some photos of what I’ve been getting up to.

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