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Continuing North to Vancouver

We continued our road trip up the West Coast and crossed the border back into Canada (with a short stop at the Boeing Factory). It didn’t take long to be caught in another flurry of snow, luckily we had a couple of beautiful days to enjoy in Vancouver.

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Portland and Seattle: Cities of the Pacific Northwest

Once we made it to the West Coast, it was time to explore some of these bigger cities on our way up to Vancouver.

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Road trip to Portland

After our stay in Banff we took a road trip down over the border and west to Portland. This took us five days to comply, although we did take the scenic route and we’re hindered by the weather at points. Along the way we spent the days driving and sightseeing then staying in smaller towns wherever we ended up.

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The Natural Beauty of Banff

Next up on our trip was Banff National Park, located less than two hours West of Calgary. It contains some of the most stunning scenery I’ve seen in my life, it’s a remarkable winter wonderland this time of year.

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Chilling Cold in Calgary

Well Calgary has been a cold blast but also a fun time. We bounced between cafes and a shops trying to avoid the freezing cold temperatures for as long as possible. It was my first time seeing proper snow in a city so I really enjoyed that, and went to my first Ice Hockey game which turned out to be a really good one to watch.

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