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Europe 2016 Video

I’ve been meaning to put this video up on my blog for a long time now. Most of you would have seen it already on Facebook, but for those who haven’t, here it is:


Back Home (Almost)

I’m sitting in Auckland waiting for my flight back to Napier, it’s a surreal feeling being back in New Zealand after almost four months. It seems like a long time ago that I was setting off on this journey, but at the same time these past few months have absolutely flown by.
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Packing List

I did my first test pack this past weekend, in order to figure out what I’ll be taking and how I will be packing it. Probably a few things to add and possibly take out, depending on what I decide between now and when I leave. I’ve tried to organize my list as much as possible to group stuff together:

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Current Plan

First post, woohoo!

Just thought I’d chuck a map of my current general route up. Green circles are definite stops, orange circles/lines are possible stops and routes. (Starting point is London)



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