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Quick stop in Antwerp Zoo

On my way from Ghent to Rotterdam I would have to change trains in Antwerp. Since the Antwerp Zoo is literally right next door to the Centraal Station I decided to spend the day there before carrying on to Rotterdam later in the afternoon.

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Ghent, old and new together

Ghent is a city that feels similar to Bruges in some ways, and very different in others. It has a Belfry tower, several churches and cathedrals as well as canals running through the city. But it doesn’t quite have the same fairytale like medieval feel to it, with a student population of 70,000 (while Bruges has a total population of around 115,000) and newer buildings, Ghent feels like a combination of the old and modern worlds.
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In Bruges

It’s true, Bruges is straight out of a fairytale. Wandering around the cobbled streets as horse drawn carriages trot by you can really forget what century you’re in.
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